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We used to come across the situation where we need to wait for long hours to get an appointment even when we require urgent medical assistance.

To get expert advice on your diagnosis at the comfort of your home, begin here.

Simple process to book an appointment at home.

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Reach Us by filling out enquiry form or call us at 9999-771-369.

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Schedule a visit time.

Step 4

Certified doctor visits your home.

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Your journey with us towards "Care at Home" begins. 🙂

“Doctor consultations at home-doctor @home service” is the most convenient method of getting treatment at your comfort zone. It was the most advantageous and agreeable method for treating a patient that is not accessible in a hospital or a doctor’s clinic.


Resurging -doctor @home service:

In the good old days, it was a usual practice for doctors to visit their patient’s home for both preventive care and medical treatment. However, in the recent few years, this practice started diminishing, and physicians began practicing into the office. Now, Doctor @home concept is witnessing a significant resurgence, and many people are eagerly picking our service to take care of all their health needs.


No Queue- Call for doctor @home service:

We often come across the situation where we need to wait for long hours to get an appointment even when we require urgent medical assistance. Now, Housepital brings the doctor to you to remain in the comfort of your own home and not on a line of patients. Call us for doctor @home service and leave the rest in our hands.


Our home doctor services are:

  • Diagnose and treat illness: If you fall sick due to frequent infections, our doctors will evaluate and diagnose the condition. Also, Prescriptions are available when needed.
  • Treat any injury: If you require first aid care for any minor wound or sprains, our doctors will take care of it immediately.
  • Need to perform physical evaluation: If there is a need to perform any physical test or exam for general health, our physicians will do it for you.
  • Diabetic checkup: If you are undergoing regular monitoring of blood sugar and wants to consult our doctor, a well-experienced doctor will attend you immediately and guide you to keep your sugar in the bay.
  • Post-hospitalization care: It is a crucial period to look upon after significant surgery or operations; our doctor @home service will help you to come out of this stressful period at ease.
  • Ortho care: Orthopedic conditions restrict the movement of people; they need a home doctor to support and guide them for any initial ailments. Our doctor @home service will be beneficial to them.

How doctor @home work?

No longer spending hours in a hospital waiting room or no problem even if it is a midnight emergency, Housepital doctors rush to your doorstep and provide personalized care immediately.

There are only four easy steps that you need to follow to enjoy doctor @home service:

  • Login to our app or website and book an online appointment Or call us to schedule an appointment for our doctor @home service.
  • Our doctor visits your home on your scheduled time and starts the consultation immediately.
  • We provide Effective treatments in a caring way and measure your improvements for next step recommendations.
  • Benefits of “doctor @home”:

Primary care and service is an essential part of treating any ailments and especially for old people who are immobile. When doctor visits your home, there will be a direct communication happening between you and doctor at your very own comfortable space. By hiring our Housepital doctors, you can enjoy the treatment at the golden hour and saves any extra troubles.

Your long waiting hours are over when Doctor consultations happen at home. When you visit a clinic or a hospital, even if you show up on correct time for your appointment, still you may not get to see the doctor on time which is not the case in “doctor @home concept. Not to talk about sick seasons, where waiting rooms are already full.

When a doctor visits your home, you are enjoying personalized and one-on-one care from your doctor.

Many illnesses don’t need hospitalization if it is treated immediately, however many patients end up at an emergency room for medical care. When a doctor visits your home, it proves to be highly beneficial as you are getting the treatment immediately. 

Doctor @home assures you total privacy and confidentiality, as you are taking up the treatment at your very know place “your home.”

When you take up treatments at your home, even the slightest feeling of discomfort is evaded, and in fact, researchers are showing that patients are recovering faster when they take up treatment at their familiar surroundings.

You don’t need to crawl through long traffic snarls to reach your doctor; instead, your doctor consultations are happening at your home at your convenient schedule.

When you opt doctor @home service, you are avoiding the risk of sitting among the patients who have coughs, fevers and runny noses in the doctor’s office.

Our doctor @home service is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to ease out your pain and concern no matter what time of the day is it.

In this era of soaring medical costs, you are saving potentially much money by scheduling doctor’s visit to your home.


What to expect from doctor @home consultations?

The primary purpose of our doctor visiting your home is to perform the primary diagnosis and prescribe the medication and lab tests if needed. Our doctor @home service encompasses initial diagnosis and first aid, routine doctor consultations at home, chronic illness monitoring, post-discharge monitoring, and health education. 

Schedule your initial visit at doctor @home consultations: 

The primary motive of our doctor @home service is to save time for our patients and provide easy access to general physicians immediately. However, if you want to meet any specialty doctor after your first round of consultation with our general physicians, we suggest you take an appointment and visit them in their hospital or clinic since some of the big and specialized equipment used for diagnosis is hard to transport to your home.


How to prepare for a doctor’s visit?

Though it was a common practice for doctors to knock their patient’s home earlier since this practice got diminished in recent days, so, you might have doubts about how to prepare a visit to enjoy the convenience of home visit doctors. Not to worry, here are the few pointers for your benefit.

Doctor @home Service-prepare your doctor visit:

  • Before your doctor visits your home, be ready with your medical reports and the prescriptions of the medicines that you are taking.
  • Explain to your doctor regarding your medical history and current medications that you are undergoing.
  • Have one of your family member present with you so that they can support you and help you to answer all of the doctor’s questions when you are weak
  • If you are visiting any specialty doctor, have those reports and information handy.
  • Wear comfortable clothes so that the doctor can examine you without any problem.


Why are we the best in the industry?

Housepital truly cares for those who need our doctor @home service. Our best part of services are

We provide the best support at an affordable rate without compromising on quality. Our quality healthcare options are unlimited and are highly beneficial for our clients.

We have built a solid reputation for high-quality care and clinical governance. We often perform in-house professional development program and frequent checks quality checks to maintain our standard.

We highly value each of the feedback that we receive for patients and work on all constructive comments to continually improve the quality of our service.


Why do you choose us?

Housepital brings back the concept of family physician visiting your home and helps you with a home consultation and treatment. Our uniqueness:

  • 100% on the role and registered physicians whose background checks performed with stringent measures.
  • Our physicians provide tailored treatment without losing their big grin.
  • Our team of skilled and compassionate doctors always follow international standards and protocols.
  • All our doctors have undergone mandatory training on practical clinical procedures and patient care.
  • We provide care not only children or elders but to anyone who wants our service. 
  • You can join our endless list of happy customers when you pick our service.
  • We are the highly recommended health care partner by all the leading hospitals.
  • Our service is not limited to a particular area. We cover all the nook and corners to provide immediate assistance to our patients.
  • Total care at one place, ranging from doctor visits to full-fledged lab services at your doorstep.

Often, the health condition of seniors and critically ill people can worsen at any time. Besides, when they need emergency care and attention, it becomes tough to travel to the hospital. That’s why our doctor @home service comes in handy. Take the advantages of having a doctor consultation at your convenient place rather than traveling miles to visit your doctor in emergencies.

You may fall sick suddenly or too weak to drive to your doctor; all you got to do is take your smartphone and search for doctor consultations near my home. Schedule an appointment with an experienced doctor at Housepital. Sit back and relax, to enjoy the convenience and comfort of healing at home.

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