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Eldercare is often referred to as senior care and is customized care that is designed to meet the needs and requirements of elders at their various stages. We need to understand that aging is the natural process and that shouldn’t restrict a person from enjoying life. We need to give dignity that they deserve and provide them with the highest level of care possible.

Importance of Elderly care:

Our fast-paced life leaves very little room to sit and talk to our seniors at home which makes them feel lonely. After all, they have also done so much to the family, and now, they are expecting care and comfort to lead a happy and healthy life. Most importantly, they deserve a life with good health, dignity and economic independence.

Since age progresses, various medical issues happen and they need care and affection along with correct medical assistance. It’s just not a disease that affects old age, but their mental health also deteriorates as they get neglected often. It is imperative to understand an elder’s needs and worries, their medical requirements and address all these issues on time.

Lending emotional support and providing medical care and attention to elders is possible when you choose “senior care at home” service at Houseptial. We specialize in elder care in the comfort of their own homes. Our service, makes your seniors feel aging is a natural progression and let them take it happily.

What exactly are the expectations of “senior care at home” service?

Some of the seniors have an overwhelming feeling of sadness and purposelessness. Regardless of the fact of how they feel, emotional and moral support is the need of the hour.

Elderly home care Services (Trained Nurses):

Manage Medications

Injury Care

Manage IVs & Catheters

Emotional & Physical Support

General expectations of “senior care at home” service:

Seniors often miss social interaction because of restricted movement, encouraging and engaging them increases their level of comfort.

Because of the lonely feeling, they might show some behavioral changes. Moreover, so it is expected to help them to remain calm and keep them safe.

Being proactive and adapting care methods as the disease progresses.

They need to offer family support and updates when necessary.

How to prepare for Housepital’s Elderly care service at home?

If your family elders are under medications for any of condition or at least taking their daily dose of multivitamins, keep all the prescriptions and medications handy so that you can tell your caregiver about the information. Also, show them the place where you keep these medicines and the routine in which they consume.

  • Prepare a list of the first line of contacts and second line of connections in case of emergencies and hand it over to the caregiver or the nurse.
  • Prepare a diary with the list of specific diet and nutritional needs, if any. It helps the caregiver to plan the meal. It is also a better idea to include the list of foods that cause allergy to your senior so that the nurse or caregiver attending the elderly will be cautious and avoid giving them.
  • If your senior is performing any exercise or activity regularly, inform your caregiver and ask them to help.

What are the “senior care at home” services do we offer?

For “senior care at home” service, we offer both caretakers and trained nurses.


If you are choosing for a nurse from our “senior care at home” service, they do the following service:

Elderly home care Services (Caretaker):

If you are choosing for a caretaker from our “senior care at home” service, they do the following service

  • Preparing meals and cleaning the home.
  • Providing companionship by walking along with them or taking them in a wheelchair.
  • For critically ill seniors, they take care of toilet routines and clean them but do not wash the clothes.
  • They take care of dressing, feeding, bathing, oral care, grooming, and running errands.

Why do you choose our “senior care at home” service?

At Housepital, serving our clients with best home care is our passion. We are committed to bringing high-quality “senior care at home” service to your home at a cost-effective price. We firmly believe that we improve the quality of life of the people we serve and distinguish ourselves from others with unique value based principle.

Be it a nurse or a caregiver, and we carefully select our employees after a thorough background check for our senior care at home service.

Before assigning them to our clients, we make sure that all our caretakers undergo training on basic hygiene and professionalism.

Our nurses and caretakers who are working for “senior care at home” service, particularly undergo training on the aging process and how to take care of the seniors.

We insist on client-focused training for our highly skilled nurses and caretakers. 

In senior care at home, our nurses and caretakers will always go beyond the expectations of our clients with their pleasant attitude and smiling face.

By opting us, you can rest easy knowing that you have selected the best and quality care for your seniors. If you or your affectionate ones are experiencing challenges in your day to day activities because of old age, give us a call or visit our website to make an appointment for “senior care at home” service. Let us bring a caring companion to your home and make you rest comfortably.

How to book our service?

Housepital boasts ourselves in having a great website with easy to navigate interface. It is pretty easy to schedule an appointment for “senior care at home” service. Here are the three easy steps

  • Login to our “Housepital.in”
  • Click on service tab and choose “Eldercare” service.
  • Enter all required information such as name, city, email, etc. and click on “Book appointment.”

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