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Physiotherapy at home has become the most preferred way to the cure pain at this fast-paced life. Here are the key benefits of availing a physiotherapy service at home.

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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a therapeutic procedure that plays a vital role in regaining productivity and independence after an injury or an illness. Be it a joint pain or Stiffness, Back pain or knee pain, Physiotherapy is the best therapeutic procedure to ease your pain, regain physical motion and strength without any side effects. In general, a wide range of conditions gets treated by physiotherapy, and it helps in restoring, maintaining and maximizing the functionality, movement potential, and strength of an individual. Also, it is flexible since the sessions can be taken at a clinic or you can choose physiotherapy at home.

Common Conditions Treated by Physiotherapy:

Some of the common conditions include Arthritis and Joint Pain, Sports injuries, Post Surgery Rehabilitation, Spine and back pain, Fractures or cracks in the bones, Neurological complications, Pediatric conditions, Cardiothoracic disorders, and Respiratory conditions.

Arthritis: Arthritis is a common problem among many patients which are caused by inflammation in one or multiple joints. There are many types of Arthritis with each one of them causing pain in different ways. Our treatments get customized according to the severity of the Arthritis problem which involves exercise and therapy that strengthens the muscles around the joints.

Back Pain: Millions of people globally is getting affected with back pain due to a sedentary lifestyle. Back pain often gives certain physical discomfort and pushes them to look for pain killers or sprays to get relief. We offer the best physiotherapy treatment for back pain at the comfort of your home which provides fast relief with no side-effects.

Post Surgery Rehabilitation: A surgery can bring physical and emotional stress, so it is essential to treat the patients with utmost care especially in Post Surgery Rehabilitation. Since it is a crucial process, our physiotherapist will follow a specialized treatment plan that helps the patient to return to their best strength both physically and mentally.

Pediatric conditions: Our physiotherapists effectively treat children and young people with physical ailments and difficulty in movement. A treatment plan is devised after assessing the health and in collaboration with both the child and their family members. We design our physiotherapy sessions in an interactive and a fun-filled way for the benefit of children.

Respiratory conditions: Patients with respiratory diseases are often pushed to a state where it seems hard to breathe. Physiotherapy is the best method to treat various aspects of respiratory disorders as a result of the underlying medical condition also for someone recovering from surgery.
Apart from above-discussed conditions, there are many more conditions which can be treated by physiotherapy. Always our physiotherapist will establish the best combination of treatments and therapies to help achieve your goals. These treatments and therapies vary according to the condition of a patient, and it might include one or more of these procedures, manual therapy procedures, electrotherapy techniques, ultrasound, massage, exercise, Laser therapy, Tapping and more.

Physiotherapy at home:

Home physiotherapy plays a significant role in maximizing an individual’s quality of life and movement potential in comfort and a known environment, their very own home. Nowadays, many patients prefer physiotherapy services at home, and in fact, it has become quite common in recent times as it saves your traveling time as well as you are receiving your treatment at a comfortable and caring environment. Physiotherapists visit your house at the scheduled time for diagnosis and treatment. Everything, starting from discussions to the objective of the surgery and the actual treatment procedure are all carried at your comfort zone.

Physiotherapy at home-Key Benefits:

Physiotherapy at home has become the most preferred way to the cure pain at this fast-paced life. Here are the key benefits of availing a physiotherapy service at home

Personal and customized care:
When you take up physiotherapy sessions at home, you get all the privacy to share your concerns. Besides, the physiotherapist can give personal attention which results in active treatment and fast recovery.

Time Management:
At times, you might get held up with busy office schedule or a traffic jam which results in missing your appointments with the Physiotherapy experts. This greatest obstacle can be solved when you schedule home physiotherapy at a convenient time.

Fast Healing:
There is no better place than your “Home Sweet Home,” and when you take up the physiotherapy sessions at home, it evades even the little uneasiness that you might experience in a clinic. In your comfort space, you always feel relaxed and respond well to your physiotherapy sessions which aid in speedy recovery.

Cost Effective:

In physiotherapy, there will be multiple sessions that you need to attend regularly at a specific time interval which means frequent commuting to the clinic is necessary. When you opt Home physiotherapy, your traveling costs are nill and so is cost-effective.

Critical care:

High-risk patients who are facing problems even with the day to day routines will not be in a condition to commute regularly to a clinic for physiotherapy sessions. In this case, they can avail home physiotherapy and get treated comfortably being at their home.


We always feel safe and secure at our home. When you opt physiotherapy at home, your family members will still be there to monitor your treatment as well as your growth scale.

Finding a Physical therapist:

Often, choosing aright physiotherapist can be confusing as it involves a tedious process. You need to search for an expert physiotherapist by asking your family doctor or taking opinion from your friends or neighbors. Other elements that you need to consider is verifying their credentials and expertise. You are investing your money and time to get yourself feeling better, so it is essential to choose the best physiotherapist to make it a productive and enjoyable experience. When you choose us, Housepital, we have had their backgrounds and medical knowledge already verified and send only experts who always ensure that you receive high-quality physiotherapy services.

What do our Physiotherapists do?

Our physiotherapists will examine the patients thoroughly and asses their needs. After asking several questions about your pain and symptoms, your movement ability, your sleeping patterns, your work and day to day routines and your medical history, our physiotherapist will work out a treatment plan. We customize the treatment plan according to your symptoms and illness, which includes many therapeutic procedures and exercise regimens. As you progress through the treatment, our physiotherapist will watch your progress and adjust the medications accordingly. Besides, they also suggest some exercises to perform at home regularly as this will help you to stay on track and improve your fitness.

What are the tasks that our physiotherapists perform before starting the physiotherapy sessions?

Our main motto is to assist the patient in achieving movement restoration encouragingly and effectively. The tasks that they perform before stating your physiotherapy sessions include

Evaluate and quantify your body’s muscle strength.
Evaluate your sitting and standing balance.
Perform a home evaluation and guides you in choosing the correct place which is barrier free.
Analyze your symptoms and conclude on which physical therapy modality such as hydrotherapy, heat and cold pack, etc. will suit you the best for your condition.
Create a customized exercise plan to maintain and increase joint range of motion.
Asses the patient’s wheelchair needs and assist them.

How to prepare your Physiotherapy sessions at home?

The physiotherapists are skilled professionals who can diagnose the cause and direct you with the right course of treatment. Here are the tips that might help you to achieve the most out of your home physiotherapy sessions

Before your scheduled appointment, you can jot down your problem and their symptoms so that it becomes easy for you to answer the questions of your physiotherapist. Also, jot down the questions and doubts that you might want to clarify with your physiotherapist.

Make a list of medications that you have taken or still taking and also the medical procedures that you have undergone.

Talk to your physiotherapists regarding the pain that you are facing and where exactly is it. Be open and tell him/her about your expectations.

Choose a spacious and ventilated place in your house to take up your physiotherapy sessions and perform the exercises at ease.

It is essential to wear comfortable clothing which never impedes your movement.

How is Housepital unique from others?

At Housepital, we have elite physiotherapists with vast experience, providing high standards of care to all our patients at their very own comfort. Here is the list of our specialities which makes us unique from others

We strive to provide the best patient experience with high-quality physiotherapy services promoting optimal mobility, physical activity, and overall health and wellness.

We provide comfortable and consistent access to the physiotherapists of your choice.

Our physiotherapists also educate the patient about the course of treatment and suggest post care exercises to prevent re-occurrence, re-injury or functional decline.

We always focus on implementing new and innovative techniques to help our patients to enjoy a speedy recovery.

Our physiotherapists spend quality time with all our patients which helps them to fully utilise the treatment time and enhancing the opportunity to get better faster with a potential decrease in the cost of care.

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