Sample Collection

In a world where everything is home delivered, sample collection and Lab tests can also be undertaken conveniently sitting on your couch at your house.

To get samples collected from your home services, begin here.

Simple process to get samples collected from home.

Step 1

Reach Us by filling out enquiry form or call us at 9999-771-369.

Step 2

Our representative will call you at the earliest and schedule a collection time.

Step 3

Get sample collected right in the comfort of your home paying NO COLLECTION CHARGES.

Step 4

Receive reports, expert recommendations and second opinion all via email.

Step 5

Your journey with us towards "Care at Home" begins. 🙂

Lab tests and Sample collection at home:

In a world where everything is home delivered, sample collection and Lab tests can also be undertaken conveniently sitting on your couch at your house. Housepital also offers home lab tests where sample collection takes place at your home by best professionals and has it diagnosed in our certified clinical laboratory. We conduct extensive lab tests, and our comprehensive test menu ranges from Blood Sugar test, Culture test, Lipid Profile, Liver function test, Thyroid stimulating hormone, Complete blood count and more. Whatever be the lab test that you want to do, bend it according to your availability.

The wide range of Home Health check-up packages:

We are always busy with work, family, and other obligations that our health is very often taking its backseat. Even though we have a small space carved for us, we should not find an excuse to put off our regular tabs on our health and the related medical checkups. If you feel that it is taking a lot of time to walk into any traditional lab and wait in the queue, then it is no longer happening. Our certified technicians walk right way into your doorstep, and sample collection occurs at your convenient time.

Few of our package details are:

Master Health checkup for Men: Have a check on your entire health by availing this master health check package. It is an ideal package for men as this package covers almost all the essential tests such as sugar tests, cholesterol test, kidney test, liver test, thyroid test and all significant tests required.

Master health check-up for Women: One for all package that helps women to keep a check on their health in spite of their hectic day to day schedule. This health package includes sugar screening, thyroid test, lipid profile and all necessary tests required for a woman’s health at just one sample collection.

Senior citizen health check-up (Men): Age is not a factor to stay fit and active. This test package includes all essential test for all men above age 60, and they are Sugar screening, Kidney test, PSA complete and other necessary tests.

Senior Citizens Health check up (women): Tune in to younger you by maintaining your health. This package includes all must do tests for all women of age 60 and above, also one sample collection works fine for all.

Basic Diabetes Health package: Keep your sugar levels at bay can help you to stay healthier for a long time. Specially designed for diabetic people, this package includes all the necessary tests.

Hypertension Health checkup: Never allow your hectic work schedule to hinder your health, monitor your BP, heart health and all cardiovascular problem with this one pack.

The other packages include Comprehensive Diabetes Health package, Vitamins Test package
Arthritis Profile check and more.

Top benefits of Home Lab tests:

When we talk about our health, Lab tests are the most influential source of information. Have your health checkups done at your home and upgrade to a healthier you.

Here is the list of top benefits of Home Lab tests:

  • Easy and Convenient: Home tests allows you to enjoy the luxury of getting your lab tests done at your home. No need to travel and no need to wait in the queue, let the sample collection be booked to fit your schedule. It is flexible as our technicians arrive at your place on time and draw the samples.
  • Hassle free service: From booking an appointment to checking your results, everything is a hassle-free process. Be it weekend or weekday, and the test time is entirely adjustable. Our easy to use app and website, allows you to book the service in no time.
  • Healthy and hygienic: When you visit a clinic, the fear of the clinic’s hygienic always lingers in you. A clean environment is essential as it prevents the spreading of any disease. At home lab tests, that eliminates the fear. Besides, all the equipment and needles that we carry are sterile and completely safe.
  • Certified professionals: Our expert technicians undergo in-depth training in handling all the latest apparatus as well as the nuances of treating a patient. During sample collection, they take the utmost care in managing all the tools to avoid any contamination without losing the smile on their face.

What do we do at our lab?

Today’s technology has grown immensely, and it allows us to conveniently perform the sample collection and test a wide variety of samples of blood, urine, saliva and any other bodily fluids. In our laboratory, trained laboratorians use various latest and industry standard tools and techniques to analyze your sample. For every test, we need an appropriate amount of sample to obtain the best information for that test. Here is what we do at our lab

  • After we receive the blood from our field executives, our lab technicians will label the samples with your unique identification number.
  • The drawn samples go for analysis, and we enter your blood sample results into the laboratory’s tracking system.
  • The sample is analyzed twice to verify the accuracy, and then the appropriate tests and the results are documented across your name in our system which is then sent your email or uploaded in our app automatically.

How does our home Lab tests work?

At Housepital, booking lab tests are fast and easy. Without leaving your house, you can still get your tests done at the hands of experts. All you need to do is walk behind these three easy steps.

  • Call us or book online through our website to schedule a visit.
  • Either office or home, our lab technicians will visit your place and collect the samples on your scheduled time.
  • Capture your health data instantly and get the reports delivered to your email or check in our app.

Why is Housepital the most preferred home lab test partner?

  • We offer 24×7 home sample collection service with over 1000+ field executives.
  • The collected samples are taken safely and securely in a temperature controlled and hygienic bags.
  • The specimens are tested and diagnosed by certified professionals at our lab.
  • Our labs are regulatory-compliant and are correctly calibrated, so the results are accurate.
  • Easy viewing of the report either through email or through our app.
  • We use only high-quality single-use collection kit to ensure hygiene and safety.

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