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With the advancement in technology, the medical field is coming home by taking all your worries away. Our best-trained physicians will march to your doorstep and administer the immunisation.

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Vaccines either as injectables or oral, are a small amount of a weakened or killed virus or bacteria sent inside your body to trigger the immune response. Suddenly when a foreign object enters the body, the immune system gets alert and develops antibodies to the disease. Furthermore, Vaccines stimulate the body’s immune system to protect the person against subsequent infection or disease.

Nature of Injectables/Oral Vaccines:

Vaccines provoke the natural activity of your immune system and hence protect us from serious diseases and also avoids the spread of those diseases to others. It is designed to prevent the disease by training the body’s immune system in advance to be ready to fight a virus it has not come into contact with before and this process called immunisation/Vaccination.

With the advancement in technology, the medical field is coming home by taking all your worries away. All you got to do is Google vaccination near me and make an appointment with Houseptial. Our best-trained physicians will march to your doorstep and administer the immunisation.

How can we help you?

Housepital wants all our clients to experience cost-effective health care at the convenience of your home. Our unique blend of technology and passion allowed us to serve our clients on time with extremely high-quality care. We offer our service to adults and babies to take up their vaccines, and a few of it for your notice is

Our Services:

  • Hepatitis B vaccination: Hepatitis B virus damages the liver, and this vaccination comes in a three-shot series which guards your child against the illness.
  • Pneumococcal vaccination: This vaccination protects against Streptococcus pneumoniae as this virus caused meningitis, pneumonia, and some ear infections.
  • H1N1 Vaccination: The quite contagious influenza virus created a significant outbreak in the year 2009. H1N1 Vaccination is administered as injectables to prevent the infection from attacking you.
  • Chicken Pox Vaccination: Varicella zoster is the virus that causes Chicken Pox, which is a highly contagious disease. Chicken Pox Vaccination protects your entire family from this virus.
  • Typhoid Vaccination: When you are affected with deadly ‘Salmonella Typhi,’ it causes many health issues ranging from stomach pains to high fever. Typhoid injectables help you and your family form this virus.
  • Cervical Cancer Vaccination: It is glad news that we can avoid cervical cancer can when you take up this preventive Cervical Cancer Vaccination. Protect the woman of your life by suggesting her to take up the vaccination.

These are just a few, and the list is pretty long. Enquire now for the complete range of vaccinations that we are taking to your home and enjoy the freedom from getting stuck in long traffic snarls.

Tips for Vaccinations:

As an adult, you may be taking up a preventive vaccine or perhaps your baby’s regular vaccines, whatever be the case few tips comes handy. Here is the line up of them

Top Tips:

  • In Initial few years of the birth of your baby, you will be vaccinating your baby periodically. So, it is always better to maintain your chart and set reminders well in advance so that you will not miss them
  • Some Vaccinations come as injectables and come as oral. Just browse on the internet and have a basic idea of what that particular vaccine is.
  • Always have your vaccine chart handy when you are administering the vaccination for your child.
  • If you are visiting your doctor’s clinic or hospital for your immunisation, it is essential to book the appointment well in advance as there will always be a rush in the clinic or hospital. However, there are many high-quality health care providers such as Housepital who are coming home for the vaccine shots on easy scheduling through their website.
  • Better to wear loose and comfortable clothes while taking your vaccination. Vaccination-friendly clothes will allow the physician to administer to the vaccine without any hindrance.
  • It is a general behaviour of parents to panic while their child is taking injectables. However, staying calm by evading your anxiety will help you to handle the situation effectively.
  • When your child is taking injectables vaccine, hold your baby firmly while your doctor is vaccinating.
  • After an injectables vaccine, monitor for any redness or swelling around the injected areas for a few days.
  • Generally, babies might develop a mild fever after injectables vaccine. It is advised by doctors to give paracetamol or ibuprofen after the vaccine which brings the temperature down.
  • If you miss a vaccine, do not panic. Discuss with your doctor on possible options.

Hope these tips comes handy for all new parents who are scheduling their baby for a vaccination.

Benefits of Vaccination:

Be it oral or injectable vaccination, you always what to do what is best for your child. Immunisation is not only for children; certain vaccines come for adults as a preventive measure. Here are the benefits of Vaccination for your notice

Importance of Vaccination:

  • Vaccination can save a child or an adult’s life. Some diseases that once brought in many fatal are now in control with immunisation. One such example is polio, it was once the most feared, but in recent times, we don’t see even one report of polio.
  • Vaccines are safe and effective to administer and a given to children only after a careful review by scientists, doctors, and healthcare professionals. The injectable vaccine might create some discomfort like pain, redness or tenderness but can never produce any severe side-effects.
  • When you and your children, get immunised then you are helping the society by preventing the spread of these diseases.
  • Remember, over the period vaccines have reduced and in some cases eliminated certain diseases which crated fatal or severely disabled people. We are protecting our future generations and with vaccinations, some conditions of today will no longer be around to harm your children in the future.

How can availing our vaccinations at home service benefit you?

Housepital is your trusted friend for all your health care needs at home. You don’t need to stay in a long queue in your doctor’s clinic or at a hospital for vaccination. We are coming home at your convenience on your scheduled time to give vaccines to your child; however, prescriptions are mandatory.

  • Our main motto is to take personalised and high-quality health care to your doorstep and removing all your worries of rushing to a clinic or hospital.
  • We are compliant with international health standards and helps all our patients to experience a seamless healthcare experience in their comfort zone.
  • We have got a strong alliance with all leading hospitals, and our network consists of highly qualified doctors, nurses, lab technicians and more.
  • Each person in your family requires personalised health care, so all our plans are tailored and come with personal guidance.

Why do you choose us?

Housepital is revolutionising the approach of health care by bringing it directly to your doorstep. Leveraging advanced technologies, Our holistic approach and the robust on-demand offerings help our patients to achieve their health goals and hence, have made us the renowned name in home care medical.

  • We offer high-quality injectables selected from reputed brands.
  • Experienced physicians administer the vaccination injectibles by using disposable syringes.
  • When we carry the vaccination injectables to your home, we always ensure that we adhere to strict temperature control.
  • We send customised vaccine reminders to parents through available modes such as email, Whatsapp, and SMS.
  • We offer all types of vaccination such as Typhoid, chicken pox, Pneumonia, meningitis, DTP and more.
  • We are accessible 24/7 through all of the available modes through email, WhatsApp and calls.

How to book Housepital’s vaccine schedule?

Housepital boasts ourselves in having a great website with easy to navigate interface. It is pretty easy to schedule an appointment. Here are the three easy steps

  • Visit our website “”
  • Click on service tab and choose “Vaccines at home.”
  • Punch in all the required information such as name, city, email, etc. and click on “Enquire now.

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